Depending on what kind of store you own and operate, your refrigeration needs will differ. It really all depends upon what kind of products you are selling and storing in refrigerators. There are a lot of different commercial refrigerators you could choose for your store. In this blog post, Excellence Industries, the industry standard for commercial refrigeration, will explain the most common types of commercial refrigerators and why you might need each one. You can begin to shape your store by identifying which refrigerators are most ideal for you.

One of the most popular commercial refrigerators is a reach-in refrigerator. It is a way to keep products cold as well as accessible in small spaces. They are the most commonly used commercial refrigerator on the market today. They come in all different sizes and with any accessories necessary to cater the fridge to you and your store’s special, varying needs. This is the kind fridge you would keep in the kitchen or in the back. They are not exactly what you want to highlight by placing them in the front of the store. They occasionally will come with glass doors, but this is more meant for the hands of staff to be able to monitor the items themselves. Basically, these are the fridges you want your staff to have access to. It is the best bet to keep food both fresh and accessible.

Dual temperature refrigerators are another type of popular commercial refrigerators. They are similar to the reachin fridges we just discussed, however, their chief difference is that they offer two different temperature zones. These fridges are often found in the back of the house, to store food that has specific temperature needs.

Pass through refrigerators are also common in the food and beverage industry. Their unique feature is that products can be accessed by both of the sides on the fridge. They can usually be found in the back of an operation, or in tighter work spaces, utilized for its access via two sides.

Worktops are also a common type of commercial refrigeration. They allow you to prepare food near to the fridge as well as store ingredients in an area that is convenient to you. They are extremely varied as they can be found in a number of heights and with a number of features including cutting board attachments and storage hoods. The worktop fridges will usually be found more in the front of the store than the other modes of commercial refrigeration we listed.

Display cases are a well-known type of commercial refrigeration. They are used for products that require constant refrigeration to add to their attractiveness. They cannot provide all of the refrigeration properties that the back-of-house fridges can. They are used for well, display. They belong in the front of the restaurant- and manifest in a few different ways, including: sushi display cases, vertical/horizontal display fridges, bakery displays, deli display cases and many more.

If you are looking for one of the specific types of commercial refrigerators found above, you may be wondering where to find it. Excellence Industries is the absolute best contender in the commercial refrigeration industry. We can help you define your store’s needs and deliver them in a cost-effective, efficient manner.