Sustainability Makes Any Company Cooler.

Excellence is the One Company That Makes Coolers Sustainable.

At Excellence Industries, sustainability is more than a marketing term or part of some distant vision statement. Our complete decommissioning program is a 3-step practice that Excellence has perfected.

EPA regulations regarding refrigeration are strict and complicated. Excellence has unique experience and expertise to ensure that your equipment is disposed of safely, legally, and efficiently.

Equipment transfer

The paper trail for the EPA begins before your equipment is even picked up. You fill out a Case Transport and Retirement form. This initiates the move. Excellence then arranges transportation, coordinates timing and handles the move of the equipment to one of our facilities. Excellence logs all equipment into a database that includes serial numbers for equipment verification.

Refrigerator breakdown and refrigerant recapture

When your refrigerator arrives, Excellence EPA certified refrigerant evacuation specialists perform all refrigerant recapture. They use custom equipment and procedures that exceed EPA standards to safely and legally remove all gases. All recaptured gases are returned in secure tanks to an EPA certified reclaiming/destruction facility and all oils are recycled at local EPA approved facilities.

Disposal of refrigerator shell

Excellence is committed to green technologies. All possible components – glass, plastic, aluminum and copper – are stripped and recycled. The refrigeration shell is picked up and taken to an EPA-certified recycling facility.

No-Hassle Paperwork

Equipment is tracked and documented every step of the way. An EPA attorney has approved all forms and data logs. From the moment your equipment is delivered until the final step of decommissioning, chain of custody is documented. Excellence assumes all legal liability for your equipment disposal. Our complete decommissioning Program is EPA friendly, environmentally sound, easy to use, and cost effective with verifiable results.

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