Refurbish to revive and reuse your ice cream bunkers, upright freezers,
countertop coolers and more.

Fashioned after the Excellence Environmental Company (EECO) recycling program, the refurbishing program is a cost-effective and time-efficient process. The program is designed to extend the life of your equipment and save you from buying new equipment.

  1. Service Request

    To start the refurbishing process, a customer completes a Refurbishing Service request form and a Packaging List. Excellence coordinates the transportation to move your equipment to one of two refurbishing centers either in Reno, NV or Tampa, FL. Excellence logs all equipment into a database that includes barcodes so the unit can be tracked through each step of the process.

  2. Equipment Testing and Refurbishment

    Once the equipment is logged into our internal database, it is tested for functionality and evaluated for curb appeal. Equipment that passes the initial evaluation moves on to have the body of the unit smoothed out and have our bodywork technicians remove any blemishes. The unit is thenthoroughly cleaned (including glass lids, doors, shelving, baskets, etc.) in our wash station andwrapped in a freshly branded decal. The unit must pass a rigorous 14-point Quality Controlinspection. Should the unit fail testing and require mechanical work, we send you the diagnoses of issues and estimated cost for your approval before we continue – you are making the decisions. If the customer decides the unit isn’t cost-effective to repair, the unit is moved to our EECO recycling process for EPA-approved decommissioning.

  3. Equipment Returned

    Once completely refurbished, the equipment is ready to be sent back to our customers. If our customers don’t need the units yet, we simply store them in our warehouse until they are requested.

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