You may not think of cleaning as an integral part of customer service, but honestly, that’s what it is. Cleaning is a natural precursor to creating a good ambiance for your store. No one wants to shop at a dirty store! The cleaner your store, basically, the more money you could make. If your store is in ship and shape, and the products are displayed not only correctly, but in an aesthetically-pleasing manner, your business is bound to do a lot better. So how to go about this massive retail spring cleaning? Well, you will need a few items, including: a dust mop, a dustpan, a mop bucket, a mop, a buffer, an antibacterial cleaner, a cloth, a sponge, a squeegee, paper towels, rolling trash bin, trash liners, disposable gloves, toilet cleaner, a toilet brush, odor eliminator, a buffer, a buffer pad and a buffer spray cleaner. Okay, you don’t necessarily need every one of these items, but you should look to get a majority, as retail stores and spaces are generally harder to clean than personal domiciles.

So once you have all these key cleaning items ready, what should you do? Well, let’s give you the play by play. First, you’ll want to organize any items that are not in the right place. Also during this step, you may want to streamline the process of making sure that if a customer returns a product, the item will find its way back to where in the store it is meant to be, easily and effectively. Another thing you can do this point, is wipe the place down with a cloth that has some kind of antibacterial soap or solution to it. This is especially important to do this time of year, because it’s flu season and people are coming into your store with a bunch of germs! No one wants to hang out at a germy spot, so make sure your store is kept clean and inviting. Another thing to do at this point is to handle the trash situation. Whatever you do with your trash, get it out of the store! It may be easiest to create a sort of filing system for the ceaseless amount of trash that your store probably has to deal with. It is easier to wheel trash, so you may want to think about investing in a wheeled garbage bin. At this point, you will want to address your floors. You will want to use a mop to combat the dust that inevitably accrues on your floors and especially your corners. You may also want to use some kind of pine-sol solution, to make the store really glow and smell amazing. During this point, make sure you give everything a sweep over, including the bathrooms. You may want to put on disposable gloves to clean the restrooms, sinks, toilets and other hard surfaces. This certainly isn’t a fun job, but you want to make sure the germs are all gone, and they certainly do congregate in the restrooms.

Probably the largest tip we have for cleaning is to create a system that doesn’t require cleaning too frequently. If you buy state-of-the-art refrigeration systems like the one at Excellence Industries, not only are they incredibly easy to clean, you probably won’t have to clean them quite as often. Now that’s what we call a win-win!