The average cow produces enough milk each day to fill six one-gallon jugs, about 55 pounds of milk. Thanks to people like our friends at Kraft Foods that adds up to a whole lot of goodness. June Marks the beginning of National Dairy Month and here at Excellence Industries there’s few things that we love more than our dairy products. With commodities like ice cream, cheese, milk, butter, and yogurt to choose from, dairy could easily be considered one of the largest staples in the food industry. That being said it’s extremely important for the dairy indusry to stay ground breaking not only for its own advances but also for the health and safety of the consumers in our country.

The Center for U.S. Dairy is “dedicated to the further exploration of pre-competitive opportunities” to assure that it stays cutting-edge and a large part of their contributions is creating healthy alternatives. There is no better place to emphasize healthy alternatives than in elementary schools and child nutrition. Dairy foods’ unique nutrient package and benefits make them an important part of school meals placing the emphasis for child nutrition in a couple different areas of the packaging itself. First and foremost in their goal is to communicate the importance of cheese and pizza. They also want children to know the benefits of flavored milk and help them learn more about school breakfast opportunities. They aim to accomplish these goals by creating and developing strategic packaging that also displays this information.

Child nutrition in the dairy industry is just the beginning of the current innovative focus in trends and initiatives. Be on the lookout for next weeks post on more detailed information about the future of the dairy industry and where it is heading.

About Excellence
Excellence Industries believes in the importance of nutrition in schools and nutrition education in young children. That’s why they partnered with Play60 to create a Partnership with Play60 to provide refrigeration for dairy products in the schools. Fuel up to Play60 is a program founded by the National Dairy Council and NFL, in collaboration with USDA, that empowers students to take charge in making small, everyday changes at school. This includes their choices at lunch and we were able to not only provide refrigeration units but also place graphics on those units for a stronger effect. For more information on Excellence Industries and their beverage coolers visit