The love for ice cream is a big part of our children’s lives. Let’s face it … ALL of our lives. Who doesn’t love ice cream? No matter what the age, kids and adults alike enjoy walking around with an ice cream in their hands.

During summer, one of the most thriving businesses in many of our states is selling ice cream. If you intend to sell ice cream commercially, you will need a dedicated freezer.

A commercial grade ice cream freezer allows you to display what you have to offer to your customers easily so that you can increase your sales. Advertising your ice cream menu with the help of the counter-top ice cream freezer can make your business soar within no time.

Variety of product

Selling ice cream is a competitive business and also lucrative. That is why so many entrepreneurs take advantage. Not all ice cream shops, however, own these dedicated commercial grade freezers.

Buying one of these freezers can help you be on top of the game. You will always have a surplus to provide for your customers. Who are they going to head to when the heat settles in? The place with the largest variety and the professional display of course.

Once customers are in your shop buying your ice cream you can then take advantage of offering sundries or other up-sells.

Ice cream chest freezers from Excellence Industries come with a wide paned glass to increase visibility for your customers.

Of course, ice cream is only one of many delicious products to sell through the summer months. Gelato, frozen yogurt (froyo in some quarters) and sorbets are the first to come to mind.

Excellence industries can guide you on the right commercial display to choose. Remember that people love variety when deciding which is best for your store. The more floor space you have, the better your chances of offering that variety.

Both ice cream dipping cabinets and the chest freezers will help you rock your summer business to the maximum.


Proper maintenance of your ice cream fridge is crucial to extend its lifespan and allow it to work efficiently. The best from our stock comes with defrosters and heated front panes to help with easy cleaning. These features enable your freezer to self-regulate so that your machine is always clean and attractive.

Most customers will not like to see a frosted freezer.

As you shop around for an ice cream dipping cabinet, ensure that you get the best warranty offer.

It is also hard to resist the charming designs of ice cream freezers. They come in many unique shapes, attractive colors, and modern metal accents.

You can browse through the latest models from Excellence Industries.

Buying and maintaining a top-of-the-line refrigerator shows customers that you care about the product and image of your brand.