The commercial refrigeration industry accounts for 40% of total annual refrigerant emissions. Furthermore, this sector is the largest contributor of hazardous CFC, HCFC and HFC CO2-equivalent refrigerant emissions.

As the green movement continues to sweep the nation and charm your customer base, it’s critical to your company’s profits to embrace sustainability and integrate it into your current business model. According to a recentstudy by Nielson Company, 66% of socially conscious consumers think companies should support environmental sustainability. This survey also notes that these customers are willing to pay more for socially responsible products and services.


With hydrocarbon refrigerants taking the forefront, your company can reduce your impact on the environment. Zero ozone-depleting characteristics and an ultralow global warming impact; the EPA approved propane (r290) as a commercial refrigerant in 2011.

Profit from the Power of Partnership

A common misconception, advanced green technology does not have to be expensive. When applied strategically, your eco-efforts can reduce your carbon footprint without reducing your net income. In fact, recent studies show the lower pressure ratio and discharge temperatures of r290, combined with the high efficiency compressor and components, work together to save 20 to 30% more energy than comparable ice machines. In tandem with reducing energy consumption, r290 coolers also decrease your energy costs without sacrificing performance. We offer a line of hydrocarbon-cooled products, a recovery system for maintenance and service program for these units.  To view our products, visit

Another sustainable, cost-efficient solution for the food and foodservice industries is the Excellence Environmental Company (EECO) recycling program. Experts in logistics, distribution and green technology, our team specializes in the decommissioning of large quantities of dispersed assets for brands like Nestle, Unilever and Red Bull. We assume complete liability for the proper disposal of your products and handle all the EPA paperwork as well.

An advocate, engineer and educator on the advancement of green technology, our team can help your company make a smooth transition to sustainability.

If you’d like to learn more about our sustainable solutions, please contact our President, Dell Dahl <> or call 813.870.0340.

About Excellence Environmental Company (EECO)

At Excellence, sustainability is more than just a marketing tactic or distant mission statement. We take pride in our green efforts and the three-step decommissioning program we developed for commercial refrigerators. EECO handles the logistics, breakdown and disposal of your retired units as well as the EPA paperwork. With facilities in Tampa, Florida, Reno, Nevada and Nashville Tennessee, our program is the most cost-efficient and time-efficient decommissioning solution for fleets. Exceeding EPA standards, EECO utilizes the most advanced green technology available today.

About Excellence Industries

Headquartered in Tampa FL, Excellence Industries is a national leader in commercial refrigeration for the food and food service industries. Excellence innovates, manufactures, distributes and services a network of refrigeration units for brands such as Nestle, Good Humor, Kraft, Outback Steakhouse and Marriott. For over 50 years, Excellence has provided self-contained refrigeration units that drive client revenue and growth. Its complete continuum of partnership services also includes a proprietary recycling process that utilizes the most advanced green technology and exceeds EPA standards.