The phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover” may be a thing, but when it comes to retail, who are we really kidding? It’s a business full of important first impressions, especially when it comes to food stores, groceries, ice cream shops and more. If you are able to set the mood right when the customer walks in the front door, your business should be successful. Conversely, if the experience the customer has when they are in your storefront is subpar, a major barrier will be created.

The importance of a storefront is even more important in this modern age. We are all constantly inundated with different visuals coming at us from all over. We now have expectations for cool logos and branded content, especially when we are at the front of the store.

So how do you exactly do you achieve a cool, inviting storefront? Well, the first thing you need to do is know your customer. Obviously, knowing your customers’ demographics is key, but if you dig a little deeper into their personal preferences, you can find out valuable information that will help you create the appealing storefront your store or shop needs.

Another good tip for achieving an awesome storefront is not to show all your cards at once. Obviously, the products you have in the front of your store will be good examples of the work your store or shop does, but they should also give a fair representation of the rest of the store. Plus, you want your store to have surprises left past the storefront. You don’t want anyone leaving before they have seen all your store has to offer!

You also will want to take advantage of the vertical space in your storefront. Whether or not your space is large, adding vertical space will also create visual interest and will help your store or its display rooms feel larger and fuller while leaving less on the floor. This type of system really helps to guide a customer’s eye where you want- right to your awesome products!

Another thing you will want to make sure you are doing with your storefront is maintaining your brand story. The display you choose should reflect the values and aesthetic of your business. This genuineness will help provide you and your company and your store with brand recognition. There are a lot of ways that you can provide character and brand recognition to your store and storefront, at the same time. Just think about your store and the vibe it embodies- if you sell thrift items and champion the old, a display made of salvaged materials might help reflect your style; if you sell something that makes someone’s life easier, a clean, streamlined window display and interior can be a great way to help manifest that same sentiment.

Whatever way you decide to showcase your storefront, if you are a food store, you will undoubtedly need some good refrigeration displays and systems. Look no further than Excellence Industries, the industry standard for state of the art commercial refrigerators and freezers.