Your refrigerated food cooler attracts consumers looking for a cold snack or beverage, which is great for your bottom line. But could your coolers also be costing you money by operating inefficiently?

Excellence Industries Save Money by Ventilating and Maintaining Your Refrigerated Food Cooler

Commercial refrigerator and freezer units use large amounts of energy — and as a business owner, you know that electricity is expensive. Making sure your units are properly ventilated and maintained is an integral part of keeping them running smoothly for as long as possible. That means more money stays in your pocket.

If your refrigerated food cooler is running hot, not keeping products cold, or otherwise operating inefficiently, we’re here to help you solve the problem.

Vital Ventilation

Commercial refrigerators and freezers take up more space than standard home units. They also use a lot more energy in order to keep food products and beverages properly chilled at all times — even when customers are constantly opening and closing a unit’s doors. According to the U.S. Department of Energy,

“A large commercial refrigerator used in grocery stores can consume up to 17,000 kilowatt-hours of power per year, while a large commercial freezer can use up to 38,000 kilowatt-hours of power per year.”

For many businesses, space is at a premium. Some might think the most cost-effective strategy would be to pack in as many refrigerated food coolers as possible to maximize the amount of products that can be sold. While not a terrible plan in terms of sales potential, not leaving enough room around each unit can be a costly mistake.

The Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy recommends leaving space around your refrigerators and freezers so that air can flow over the heat exchange coils. Make sure your units aren’t placed too close to walls, each other, or otherwise blocked on any side. Without proper ventilation, your refrigerated food cooler may:

  • fail to maintain the correct temperature, potentially resulting in spoiled inventory
  • operate inefficiently and use more energy
  • have a shortened life span

Poor ventilation may also make your unit’s compressor overheat and ultimately fail. The cooling system in your fridge or freezer can also be damaged beyond repair. Giving each unit adequate room to breathe is crucial when it comes to avoiding expensive repairs — or worse, needing to purchase replacements.

Must-Do Maintenance

Keeping your refrigerated food cooler in peak operating condition will also help you maximize your savings. Routine maintenance — including regularly dusting the coils and vent areas — can reduce operating costs and keep your unit running longer.

Excellence Industries Save Money by Ventilating and Maintaining Your Refrigerated Food Cooler

Clean the coils once a month using an appliance brush. Removing dirt, dust, and other debris keeps the unit working efficiently and prevents it from overheating. Going over the coils with a wet-dry vac will ensure that any remaining debris gets cleaned up.

The Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy also recommends checking door gaskets and auto-closing mechanisms. If your unit doesn’t seal properly, it won’t be able to maintain the proper temperature. Warm outside air can get in, while the cold air inside can leak out. Not only is energy wasted, but food quality can be sacrificed.

Refrigerated Food Cooler Replacement Tips

Ventilation and maintenance will greatly extend the life of your refrigerated food cooler. However, no unit will last forever. When the time comes to replace your commercial refrigerator or freezer, there are a few things to consider.

Newer refrigerated food cooler models offer a blend of style and features as well as improved energy efficiency. A unit that is more energy-efficient will help you recoup your investment even faster.

Size is another consideration. A refrigerated food cooler with a smaller footprint will allow you to maximize your space. Many newer units come in a variety of shapes. Some are sleeker and designed to use less space to display the same amount of products. Features like LED lighting and built-in thermostats and timers will also save you money.

Here at Excellence Industries, we offer a variety of energy-efficient commercial refrigerators and freezers that can be customized to fit your needs. We’ll help you maintain your refrigerated food cooler throughout its lifetime. We’ll also recycle your unit and help you find a replacement when the time comes.

If you have any questions about the energy-efficiency or maintenance needs of your commercial refrigerator, we’d love to help you. Contact us today!