The grocery retail industry is ever-changing: as many stores make the switch to home-deliveries, specialty goods, and niche products, their needs and wants change as well. Understanding these trends and changes can help make a business grow; failure to change can result in a business going under. Here are some of the predictions and trends we’ve noticed throughout the grocery retail sector for 2018-2019.

Think Local

At Excellence Industries, we like to think global and act locally. The same can be said about grocery retailers. In a business context, we see more and more brick-and-mortar stores using local products and produce. Consumer’s expectations for local and regionally-sourced food products is becoming more and more apparent.

For example, The National Farmers’ Union fruit and veg pledge was backed by UK-based supermarket giant Tesco, which emphasizes the necessity and importance of reducing food waste, buying regional produce, and treating food suppliers fairly. Hyper-local offerings in grocery stores are growing and this trend is also positively perceived by shoppers; not only does this help your business grow, it also helps to keep the local economy thriving. Our advice to many retailers is to support local growers due to the reasons highlighted above.

Home Delivery

Major retailers, such as WalMart, are expanding their digital footprint at a startling rate in response to Amazon’s enormous influence and market share. This has resulted in increased innovation and technology as it relates to home delivery services. Dozens of home delivery services, including apps and services supported by major retailers, have been popping up in the online marketplace to support the demand.

commercial refrigeration solutions for grocery storesEvolving Physical Stores

Online sales have never been more important in grocery shopping. As a result, physical stores are evolving in an effort to get bodies in the door. This can be seen in the unprecedented amount of merchandising, advertising, and physical promotional efforts seen in traditional brick and mortar stores. More and more display coolers are popping up in supermarkets; however, that’s not the only thing that’s been popping up. Wine bars, fast food restaurants, and other installations have been making an appearance in physical stores in an effort to lure customers in.

A Spotlight on Sustainability

The traceability and sustainability of food has never been more important to consumers than now. A farm-to-fork initiative has been seen in many stores such as Whole Foods, as consumers are revolting against the idea of ‘big food’. The growth of ethical consumerism has pressured food suppliers and retailers to adopt an increased level of transparency and accountability. Plant-based and ‘flexitarian’ diets are trends that are here to stay and big retailers should take note of this.

Buy Commercial Refrigerators Online

Physical stores aren’t going away any time soon. Businesses thrive on commercial refrigeration units for their end-caps and checkout lines for last minute and impulse buys from their customers. Having the right team and equipment in your store is a must; with over 50 years of experience in the industry, Excellence Industries is here to support any and all of your commercial refrigeration needs.