Food Distributors & Grocers Working Together to Keep Shelves Stocked

Changing times can rock the food-service industry. Grocers rush to restock shelves that are constantly barren while food distributors struggle to keep up with increased demand and deal with diminished supply. Times of change can breed uncertainty, but rest assured, together, we can weather any storm. Here’s how your grocery store can keep its shelves stocked in the face of any crisis.

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Gelato Freezer vs. Ice Cream Freezer: How Word Choice Affects Sales

In every industry, plenty of effort goes into how a product is marketed. It's particularly important to carefully choose the words that are used to describe that product. Take, for example, the humble freezer unit. Branding it as a gelato freezer lends a certain degree of elegance and charm. Here's everything you need to know about how to maximize sales using intentional marketing vocabulary.

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Comfort Food Items Make a Comeback During the COVID-19 Pandemic

After weeks at home, retailers are reporting that purchasers are abandoning sugar-free alternatives in favor of comfort food items. Snack brands like Frito-Lay, Pringles, and Herrs are, for the most part, observing unexpected increases in sales. Let's look at recent food trends and how your business can leverage the resurgence of comfort food items.

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5 Hot Consumer Trends to Keep Your Ice Cream Storage Unit Cool in 2020

Ice cream — the cold, sweet treat enjoyed year-round by people everywhere. You wouldn’t think it would be hard to keep consumers flocking to your ice cream storage unit. But what happens when plain vanilla doesn’t quite cut it anymore? We’ve rounded up five hot ice cream trends for 2020 that will keep consumers coming back for more.

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New Solutions to Bare Shelves & Moving Grocery Items

Grocery store shelves are becoming increasingly bare. And to make matters worse, store owners don’t have enough overstock to replenish in-demand products – an issue that is becoming especially problematic during the coronavirus pandemic. At Excellence Industries, we believe there are many solutions to new and ever-growing problems with maintaining grocery supply. Here are a few ways to reimagine the grocery items on your shelves to maximize your sales during COVID-19.

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Retail Marketing: How Physical Stores Can Thrive in a Digital World

In an increasingly digital world, nearly every business — especially brick-and-mortar shops — can benefit from digital marketing. In fact, when used as part of a larger retail marketing strategy, digital techniques can drive foot traffic to your business and create a uniquely powerful brand experience. Here’s how your physical store can wield the power of digital marketing!

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How to Increase Merchandising Sales by Understanding Buyer Behaviors

To figure out how to increase merchandising sales, we need to tap into buyer psychology. Through a better understanding of consumer behaviors, retailers can create more productive marketing strategies and product positioning. Stores need to start by creating environments that feel inviting from the moment a customer walks through the door. Let's “checkout” nine methods to optimize shoppers' in-store and online experiences to increase merchandising sales and to capture the data breadcrumbs they leave behind to personally market to them.

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Using a Merchandising Cooler Unit to Maximize Profits & Efficiency

When it's hot outside, most people want a cold beverage or an icy snack to cool off. Luckily, you have just the product they're looking for. All they have to do is reach into your merchandising cooler unit and grab it. Here is everything you need to know about maximizing energy efficiency and profitability without sacrificing either one.

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How to Adapt to Change & Keep Your Refrigerated Food Cooler Stocked

Grocery stores and other food-service businesses help society function smoothly, but they can only do this when they’re open. If you own one of these establishments, you must adapt and keep your refrigerated food cooler stocked when circumstances change unexpectedly. Here’s everything you need to know about how to adapt your business to deal with change.

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Fill Your Frozen Food Merchandising Unit With These Trending Foods

By the year 2025, the frozen food industry is expected to reach an overall market value of nearly $205 billion. As the value of this industry grows, understanding the ins and outs of frozen foods is becoming increasingly lucrative for companies. With market knowledge at your disposal, you can fill any frozen food merchandising unit with success. Here's everything you need to know about some of the most important frozen food trends!

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