The National Grocer’s Association show will take place February 28th through March 1st in Las Vegas and this years target market is probably not a surprise. Targeting millienials in marketing and growth strategies is not a new concept in many industries. Described as those born between the early 1980s to the early 2000s, Millenials are gaining focus as they are becoming the decision makers of the country not only in the business world but in day to day life. Now more than ever millennials are entering the workforce can offer fresh outlooks and opinions to any business situation.


The NGA aims to focus on them not only as consumers but also as potential employees. They see that the generation has a lot to offer and want to make sure that they aren’t overlooking them in terms of job offerings. Another thing important to millennials that heavily affects the grocery industry is their desire for convenient options that also boast an organic, non-GMO, or “healthy label”. They are a generation focused on their own health and the sustainability of our environment altogether. The show will feature various panels, research findings, and other ways for grocers and buyers to gain information to benefit their own marketing strategies in regards to millennials.


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