To get your product noticed and in front of your consumer, your product has to stand out. Excellence Industries understands the merchandising solutions and options you need to help your product stand out from your competition. Not only are our products great for new product launches and seasonal promotions but they also provide stand-alone attention away from other products crammed in the big coolers and freezers.

Meet Your Refrigerated & Frozen Food Product Specialist

Jimmy Wood

Jimmy Wood is currently our Director of Sales-Frozen & Refrigerated Foods for Excellence Industries and has been with the company since 2018.
Jimmy works directly with our customers that manufacture frozen foods, refrigerated foods, and packaged ice for the retail markets. He is able to service their needs by supplying an array of merchandising units to assist customers in driving sales and promoting brand & product awareness.  Jimmy finds his business development role very satisfying as it affords him the opportunity to help each manufacturer with their individual wants and needs.
When not building relationships and partnerships for Excellence, Jimmy enjoys all saltwater and Florida lifestyle activities including boating, fishing, and scuba diving or just hanging on the beach.




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50 Years of Excellence Experience

Excellence Industries is the premier commercial refrigeration partner for brands such as Nestlé, Pepsi, Ben & Jerry’s, Healthy Choice, Remy Martin, Godiva, Outback Steakhouse, Singleton Seafood, Whole Foods, and Marriott.

Excellence is the only commercial refrigeration company that provides a complete continuum of partnership so your experience is seamless and efficient. It begins with innovative custom designs and graphics. Then Excellence offers logistics and distribution, leasing, service, and recycling – all from one reliable resource.