Much like having a dirty bedroom or house, trying to maintain a dirty and/or unattractive storefront is a step in the wrong direction. Having an attractive storefront can not only boost your sales, it can keep your customers coming back for more. Think about your favorite convenience or gas station store, then think about your least favorite. Notice the differences and then take note as a business owner; your bottom line may rely on it.

There is an art to visual merchandising. Having everything in a neat row is going to make that soda or ice cream much more appealing to the customer; having everything in a mish-mash of products may very well deter sales. Here are a few tips to help your visual merchandising game:

strawberry ice cream in three bowls

  1. Follow the 80-20 rule

Known as the Pareto Principle, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. Sometimes, this is also true in merchandising and retail. If 80% of your sales are coming from a few select items, then increase your inventory in the best sellers and market those items heavier. What are your best sellers. Keep track of your best sellers and phase out flavors or items that do not sell well.

  1. Price your Products

As a business owner, this can save you a headache or two; price your products from the get-go so customer won’t have to ask and you won’t get annoyed. Remember: if you have to ask….

  1. Don’t be subtle

Place your cooler or products in a high-traffic area and have the sign say it ‘loud and proud’. What exactly are you selling? Large fonts, brunt language and attractive color schemes can make or break an impulsive purchase.

  1. Avoid handwritten signs

Take the time to print it out or go to a sign store. Handwritten signs scream unprofessional.

  1. Clean your coolers

If you have a beverage cooler near the front of your counter, make sure you or your employees clean it. No ones wants to see gunk, dust, and product remnants (and god forbid – bugs) near the product they are about to purchase.

  1. Light it up

Consider buying a cooler with a lighted display to place in your storefront. No one wants to have a hard time reading the product labels. Is your display and store Instagram-ready? No? What are you waiting for?

  1. Consider changing up your displays

Please don’t be one of those businesses that have Christmas decorations in January or February. Take care of your business and the way you design the layout. Customers WILL take notice.


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