It’s a new year and a new you. And also a new shop, if you’re interested! 2018 could usher in a whole new crowd of people, if you know some tricks of the trade to improve your store, specifically your store layout. Here at Excellence Industries, we offer amazing refrigerator and freezer products, to be a part of your store’s layout. With the implementation of a new refrigerator or freezer unit plus the following of these store layout rules, you will be attracting more foot traffic than ever. If you are a store owner, or simply interested in store layout, keep reading to find out some cool and easy ways to turn your store layout around. There are five huge ways that you can make huge improvements to your store, its layout and its attractiveness.

One important tip is that your layout will differ depending on your store, its vibe and the products it offers. The vibe of your store entails its shape, size and business. For example, a grocery store usually displays a grid layout that will have shoppers zig-zagging among rows. Another popular layout type is the loop layout. A loop layout uses a circular pathway around a display in the center of the area. No matter what layout you choose for your grocery store, you should try to create a fun, captivating shopping journey for your customer so they are not only more likely to return but also more likely to buy an increased amount of products.

Another good tip for enhancing store layout is to utilize the entrance. You don’t want your entrance to be obstructed so make sure that no checkout counters or service areas are stopping shoppers from entering the building, which is what you want! If the entrance area or doorway is crowded or just plain unsightly, shoppers won’t be drawn in to your store, which is a big loss. You want to make sure the front of the store is the most enticing part, so it leads people into the rest of the store.

A third tip regarding store layout are utilizing merchandise outposts. What are these, you may ask? These are displays in close proximity to the products on the aisles. If you place them strategically throughout the store, people will be reminded that they want/forgot to get certain things and subsequently, they will have a larger total and your store will have a larger revenue.

Our last tip is to avoid big barriers. If people can’t walk around/shop relatively easily, they aren’t going to shop at all. You don’t want to do anything to make people not shop, so make sure the store is relatively clear and well-organized. One easy way to add organization to your store, especially your food products, is to purchase a state-of-the-art freezer or refrigeration system from Excellence Industries. Our products will help to add a pleasant aesthetic and improved organization to you store, totally enhancing the layout!