Ice cream is a great treat that deserves to be served and displayed well. It is always delicious, but there are ways to make it even more desirable.  It will look much better in an ice cream dipping cabinet and it will be more appealing to guests. So, the real question is, how can you make and serve ice cream to your customers in the best way possible?

Cool it properly

Before any other step, it is essential to cool the ice cream to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. A high-quality ice cream display freezer will be capable of providing this service at all times. In a nutshell, it creates a wonderful foundation for the ice cream to be ready to become other shapes, sizes or mixtures.

Chilling is also beneficial for the texture and flavor. Tiny ice crystals actually make the ice cream taste better- however, it is important to maintain a happy medium in term of ice crystals because too many will create a frosty, unpleasant taste. So, the bottom line here is that a chilled ice cream base makes it better, more delicious and appealing to more people.

The more butterfat, the better

Did you know that ice cream has a similar texture to bread? Basically, both of them are foams, meaning that there are millions of tiny connections in the ice cream, as well as bread. So, how you can make the connections better? One way you can do this is you can add more cream. This will make the ice cream fluffier and more pleasant from the first taste.

Essentially, milk makes ice cream firmer. Some of the best-known types of ice creams and some of the best manufacturers add more milk than cream, which has the benefit we mentioned. You can choose any direction/firmness you want, just try to aim for a good mixture and combination of firmness and softness, by utilizing both cream and milk and constantly checking the consistency. Commercial freezers can help provide consistency in terms of texture, so contact Excellence Industries and make sure you are up to par with current refrigeration standards.

Add sugar or honey

Bakers will add sugar to bread to make it sweet. You can do the same with your ice cream. Adding sugar or some other type of sweetener is beneficial. First of all, the ice cream won’t freeze completely if the sugar levels are high. This will provide a much better taste. Some lower quality freezers will freeze ice cream without sugar completely, which may affect its taste and flavor, so watch out for that at suppliers other than Excellence Industries.

There are some alternative to sugar. You can use honey, which gives the ice cream an interesting flavor. You can use glucose syrup as well. Both of them are healthier than using actual sugar. Corn syrup can also be utilized. However, watch out for the consistency of the ice cream as using sugar alternatives may alter it, especially corn syrup, which is known to give ice cream a chewier texture.


Ice cream is delicious, but not always foolproof. You have to take into account the amount of milk/cream being used, as well as the amount of sugar- as these variables contribute to the texture and consistency. A great way to ensure your ice cream is at optimal temperature, consistency and taste, is to buy a high-quality commercial freezer, such as those offered at Excellence Industries.