With Summer fast approaching, we are receiving an influx of orders for new ice cream display cabinets and ice cream dipping cabinets. When the temperature heats up, ice cream becomes a selling point for any restaurant or business; people naturally want to cool off, and more often than not, they are going to reach for a cold scoop of ice cream.

Discerning business owners choose Excellence Industries for our ease of service, reliability, and warm customer service. They also choose us for our sleek ice cream dipping cabinet displays and large network of independent suppliers, distributors, and warehouses. With a network as large as ours, delivering and repairing products takes no time at all.

If you’ve been looking for a commercial refrigeration solution for ice cream, you’ve come to the right place. We offer multiple ice cream dipping cabinets and gelato dipping cabinets with a promise that these machines will keep your product cold. Read on to learn more about our products.

Buy Ice Cream Dipping Cabinets

The cream-of-the-crop of ice cream dipping cabinets, our HBD model is equipped to handle even the most outrageous of ice cream flavors. A mezzanine shelf, reflective lids, and a cold-wall evaporator prevent temperature drops and ice crystal formation, while our wide-range thermostat allows you to serve ice cream at whatever temperature you wish. We use an environmentally friendly hydrocarbon refrigerant to run our gelato dipping cabinetdipping cabinet. LED interior lighting, 2 locking casters, and our attractive lids come standard on this model.

Our EDC model is an ice cream dipping cabinet of a classic design. Featuring four locking casters, a dual condensing system, and a sneeze shield, this cabinet will help your business bring in the dough. Optional accessories include a dipper well, locking device, graphics, and a night cover. The EDC also comes equipped with a can holder with spill guard, so you can worry less about making a mess.

Buy Gelato Dipping Cabinets

Our HBG Gelato Scooping Cabinet complies with all 2019 DOE standards for service over counter freezers and service over counter ice cream freezers. Our gelato dipping cabinet comes equipped with space for 5-liter storage pans, a painted steel interior, extra storage for more pans below, and a single-layer heat reflective lid. Your customers will see your gelato brilliantly illuminated with our LED interior lighting and your gelato will maintain consistency with our wide-range thermostat and cold wall evaporator. We have multiple sizes to choose from based on the size of your business. Optional accessories include the dipper well, a lock and key, and night covers.

Our PGC model features a modern design that is perfect for impulse sales. The PGC offers the latest in commercial refrigeration technology with a rear pivoting door, tempered curved glass, a self-defrosting feature, and an electronic control board. Your gelato will always be kept cold with its 60mm polyurethane insulation.

Ice Cream Bunker

A dipping cabinet, a scooper cabinet, or an ice cream bunker: whatever you want to call them, we have it! We help optimize your commercial refrigeration logistics to maximize your profitability and improve the efficiency of your service. We believe that the sale of our units is simply the beginning of a relationship; with our commercial refrigeration service program, you can rest assured that we will help grow your business.