Like in any industry, knowing exactly how to increase supermarket sales without spending a fortune on marketing and advertising is a daunting task. Fortunately, most ice cream aficionados appreciate being wowed by the product more than seeing an ad on TV.

Excellence Industries How to Increase Supermarket Sales & Enchant Ice Cream Lovers

By offering a variety of ice cream products and engaging with your customers, you will be able to markedly improve supermarket sales – even through the colder months.

Here are several foolproof ways to increase supermarket sales and blow your customers away.

Offer a Variety of Ice Cream

Some customers will open a freezer door, feel that burst of cool air rush across their faces, and know exactly what they’re looking for. Many, though, will have no idea.

Having a variety of eye-catching, mouth-watering flavors that come in different sizes and styles is the best way to satisfy both certain and ambivalent customers alike.

Superb & Quirky Flavors

The classics – vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry – will likely never go out of style. However, there’s always room for new flavors to capture the hearts of ice cream lovers and increase supermarket sales.

A clever name paired with an exquisite flavor profile is sure to give your supermarket sales a boost. Whether it’s named after a person, a place, or even something as random as a “rocky road,” the best ice cream flavors will intrigue your customers and get them hooked after the first bite.

Here are some of the most interesting flavors around to get your creative scoop rolling.

The flavor combinations are endless in the innovative (and tasty) world of ice cream.

Multiple Size & Style Options

Every occasion calls for a different size and style of ice cream. For a large gathering, a half-gallon or gallon may be necessary, whereas, for a one-person, heat-of-the-moment craving, a pint may be more appropriate.

In addition to various size options, if you want to increase supermarket sales, it’s also a good idea to offer a few different product styles. Pre-coned ice cream and sundae kits can give the customer a traditional ice cream experience in the comfort of their own home.

Different sizes and styles of ice cream will enable you to cater to the unique experiences, emotions, and desires of ice cream lovers everywhere.

Engage with Ice Cream Lovers

Engaging with your customers is one of the most effective ways to increase supermarket sales. Engagement allows every connoisseur of cones – no matter their age – to embrace their creative, fun-loving side.

Hold In-Store Events

In-store events can dramatically boost supermarket sales and increase brand recognition.

Events like tasting and sundae-making bars give people the chance to test drive different flavors and see what they like. If they discover that they like a particular flavor – especially if it’s unique to your brand – they’re more likely to buy it in the future.

Excellence Industries How to Increase Supermarket Sales & Enchant Ice Cream Lovers

When it comes to holding in-store events, the sky’s the limit. Nearly any event type, from Costco-style sample stations to giveaway raffles, will do wonders for supermarket sales.

Drive Interest with Challenges

Holding challenges and contests with valuable prizes is an excellent way to drive supermarket sales. Challenges give customers an enjoyable, unique opportunity to be creative and compete against other fans of frozen treats.

Trader Joe’s, for example, holds an ice cream contest every summer. Competitors must use their ingenuity to create a spectacular and scrumptious ice cream-based recipe that uses a combination of Trader Joe’s ingredients. The grand prize: a $200 gift card and a limited edition Trader Joe’s ice cream scoop.

Challenges are a great, simple way to engage your customers and increase supermarket sales. As long as it presents an opportunity to be fun and creative and offers a valuable prize, it will be a great experience for everyone involved.

How to Increase Supermarket Sales Effectively

Knowing how to increase supermarket sales can be tough. Offering a variety of ice cream – size, style, and flavor – and engaging with ice cream lovers through in-store events and challenges are sure to give supermarket sales a significant bump.

Not every method will work for every ice cream company, though. The trick is to determine which methods work for you and which don’t.

Have specific questions about how to increase your supermarket sales? Ask us in the comments below and we will do our best to help you out.