NACS published an article in their April 2014 issue discussing a product that is taking the beverage world by storm. Not a new commodity to the beverage industry, the fast and “hard” reappearance of this item has created a lasting impact on the beverage world. What is this product you ask? If you guessed hard cider you would be correct.

The hard cider industry made its initial reappearance in the mid 1990’s but didn’t see a huge growth until 2012, when the top 10 hard cider brands in the U.S. collectively grew by 62%. Driven by an economy that was constantly craving something new and no longer stuck on brand loyal habits, long time beer consumers found themselves converting to something a little sweeter. Few people knew, however, that hard cider was not a new thing dating past the 90’s all the way back to Pilgrims arrival in America.

Most hard ciders are naturally gluten free and have the ability to appeal to a market past the everyday alcohol customer. Not only can those with dietary restrictions consume but also due to the boom of the micro-brew industry it can be consumed locally for those wanting something produced closer to home.

Hard cider can now be found all over the U.S. in bottles, cans and even on draft in some locations. Convenience stores have likewise jumped on the bandwagon and began carrying hard cider products on their shelves. Most have already seen a growth in the sales of hard ciders and are increasing the brands and amount of hard ciders that they carry. Hard cider is not expected to ever outdo its beer and liquor counterparts but it is expected to continue to gain popularity.

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