An ice cream fridge is a device that displays a large assortment of ice-creams that you want to showcase to your customers. They come with transparent glass panels that are ideal to present the most inviting ice-creams and sorbets to your customers. They also assist you in keeping the ice-creams at desired temperatures in order to maintain the correct consistency and keep them fresh.

Where can the ice cream fridge be used?

Ice cream fridges can be used for numerous avenues such as ice cream parlors, restaurants, cafeterias, buffets, malls, etc. They can also be used in ice cream factories to showcase the best products to clients and visitors.

There are many ice cream fridges that are used just for storage purposes and do not contain glass panels like ice cream dipping cabinets.

Types and specification

There are basically two types- one that is used for storing ice creams and another which is used to store gelatos which are Italian style ice creams. The gelatos are stored at slightly higher temperatures than your regular ice cream temperature and are designed accordingly.

These ice cream cabinets also differ in the terms of design, storage capacity and method of storage.

Excellence FT-4 25″ Four Tub Ice Cream Storage Freezer:

This model consists of glass tops that conveniently display the large assortment of ice creams to your customers.

Bulk quantities of ice creams can be deposited at freezing cold temperatures as it is equipped with four 3 gallon containers.

Moreover, its narrow design allows you to use the remaining space of your shop for other purposes. Its hinged lids allow you to access the storage space seamlessly for arranging or removing the ice cream containers and the two lockable casters provide ease while moving and fixed security when needed.

It is manufactured with premium quality stainless steel which makes it durable and long lasting. Its 1/8 compressor always maintains a safe temperature for your delicious products.

Key specifications:
Cabinet type: Flip-flop[G2]

Overall capacity: 2.8 cu. Ft

Dimensions: (25 * 15 * 38 ¼) inches

Some other types of fridges include:

Hardening cabinets
Hardening cabinets are used for large sized ice cream packets and containers. They are basically used to add that extra chilling effect on the containers.
Drop-in freezers
Drop-in freezers are designed to be used both as cabinets and ice cream displays. They are popularly used in small shops and ice cream parlors due to the limited space.


Most of the ice cream fridges provided by Excellence Industries are designed to be lightweight and portable. They come with easy-to-maneuver and easy-lock wheels that provide ease while moving and stability once placed.

Trust factor

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