Food trends come and go, but the desire to improve our diets remains a constant concern for many American families. As innovation in food production has evolved, plant-based foods continue to increase in popularity. In fact, Impossible Foods emphasizes its mission to develop foods that satisfy the palates of meat, fish, and dairy eaters in its 2020 Impact Report. Soon, there will be a plant-based alternative to everything we currently consume from animals.

The option to eat better without compromising flavor is an attractive benefit of food trends like the plant-based diet – and for some people, it’s a requirement. Consumers are demanding more variety in their health-conscious endeavors, and food producers are actively listening. As the variety of alternative protein products grows to meet consumer demand, grocery stores can benefit from keeping up with popular diet trends, too.

Here’s how you can ensure your store is prepared to welcome the influx of plant-based meat substitutes.

Revamp Your Store Layout

Support your customers’ healthier lifestyles by ensuring your store is easy to navigate. Freezer and refrigeration units – like our glass door coolers – should showcase items while distinguishing meat products from meatless ones. To avoid food safety concerns, we suggest housing the plant-based items separately from those containing animal products.

The plant-based diet is a newer food trend, so grocery shopping will be a new experience for much of your customer base. Aside from being unsure of how to transition to a plant-based diet, shoppers want peace of mind in locating groceries that fit within their meal plans and budgets – and they don’t want to run all over the store to compare their options. Research different brands and products, as well as the plant-based diet’s core food groups, and keep like items together. You can also use a split testing strategy to observe how customers make product selections and organize your plant-based products based on the results.

Adapt to New Food Trends

In alliance with being a trusted food source for your customers, your store’s ability to adapt to the newest food trends affirms your position as the go-to place for people of all dietary preferences. The selection of meat alternatives has expanded from burgers and chicken patties to fishless fish sticks and other seafood alternatives. And food manufacturers like Good Catch are spearheading the development of fresh-from-the-sea foods without any meat. Evidently, the plant-based food trend is here to stay.


As Americans continue to learn about the benefits of a plant-based diet, store owners should become more inclined to accommodate their shoppers’ dietary needs and lifestyles. Implementing a few strategic retail merchandising techniques is a great way to showcase new plant-based products and increase your sales. After all, by stocking meat alternatives and creating an enjoyable shopping experience, you’re facilitating your customers’ decisions to lead healthier, more sustainable lives.

Food Trends for the Future

Until recently, meat has been the focal point of the American diet, but as innovation matures, foodservice stores must adjust to meet consumer demand. Food manufacturers like Impossible Foods have invested in further research and development of new plant-based foods, meaning your store – and subsequently, your customers – will have a greater variety of meat alternatives to choose from.

We may not able to predict whether meat products will ever cease to exist altogether, but we’re certain the demand for plant-based foods will continue to grow. Is your store equipped to adapt to the latest food trends and help your customers lead healthier lifestyles?

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