Now more than ever, it seems that staying healthy is top of mind for everyone. With cooler weather coming, many consumers are looking for ways to fight the flu, the common cold, and other viral illnesses. From probiotic smoothies and prebiotic granola bars to detoxifying botanical teas, the demand for foods and beverages that offer immune support is immense. 


Excellence Industries Food & Beverage Products for Immune Support: Marketing for Consumer Demand


According to a recent report by Mintel, “consumers are actively looking for food and drinks that naturally improve immune function.” Yet shoppers often aren’t clear on the actual benefits of these products. Consumer confusion about immune-supporting food and beverages is reduced through educational resources — both in-store and in the greater community.


Food retailers can share information about health and immunity using thoughtful marketing solutions. Free samples, targeted coupons, and in-store displays — including custom unit graphics — make products that offer immune support more accessible to shoppers.


Learn how to create a store environment that promotes health and wellness as well as boosts sales of food and beverages that provide immune support.


In-Store Education About Immune Support

How do lemon and ginger provide immune support? What exactly is a superfood? Is kale as good for you frozen as it is raw? These are common consumer questions that grocery retailers can help their customers answer while building a culture of healthy living.


Today, many savvy grocery retailers are hiring nutritionists, dietitians, or other health experts to work in their stores. Experts consult on products, guide unsure customers about their choices, and educate employees. In-store events — including cooking demonstrations, healthy eating presentations, and designated Q&A sessions — are also held.


However, in-store education doesn’t mean you need to hire an expert. You can also incorporate education with pamphlets, banners, custom freezer, and refrigerator wraps, and pre-recorded video displays. Education can range from how to read product labels and preventing medical conditions with immune-support products to the best way to eat a pomegranate.


Community Immunity: Partnering & Sponsorships

Another option for grocery retailers is to partner with an organization that already has name recognition in the community for health and wellness. Nonprofit organizations, naturopathic clinics, and health clubs all benefit from cross-promotional events and would likely be more than willing to present their services to customers in your store.


Sponsoring events with like-minded organizations is a great way to spread the word about the great work you’re doing to promote health and wellness as well as push sales for food and beverages offering immune support. You’ll gain visibility among your target market while garnering goodwill with neighboring businesses.


Looking to bring more people into your store? Try giving out free product samples of immune-boosting foods and beverages or offer limited-time, high-value coupons for specific health products.


Involve the Whole Family in Healthy Eating

Many stores have been offering free cookies to kids at the bakery upon request for years. However, a recent trend has been to offer a healthy kid zone. With choices of fruit such as bananas, berries,  mandarin oranges, kids get to pick something out that they like, parents don’t have to pay for it, and the snack is healthy. Everyone wins!


Excellence Industries Food & Beverage Products for Immune Support: Marketing for Consumer Demand


Educating kids about healthy eating is crucial for continued store success. Kids’ food preferences are strong influencers on parents’ food-buying decisions. Also, if you teach kids healthy habits when they’re young, they’ll often continue to make healthy choices as they get older and become the ones with income to go grocery shopping.


Using Freezer & Refrigerator Wraps to Educate & Sell

Shoppers make their buying decisions in a split second. It’s vital for retailers and grocers to make consumer choices as easy as possible. Using custom unit graphics on your commercial refrigerators and freezers allows shoppers to find what they’re looking for from a distance. The graphics are large and can draw people in to take a look at your featured products. Nutrition information for products providing immune support can be seen easily, with no need to squint at small labels.


Increasing educational marketing in your store’s displays can have a tremendous impact on sales. When bright colors, clear messaging, and appealing images are used on custom freezer and refrigerator graphics in highly visible, well-trafficked locations, it helps to educate and influence the purchase of products that may be new or different to consumers.


Immune Support: You Are What You Eat

While vitamins are still a huge product category, food and beverages that support immune health are in increasingly high demand. Retailers who understand how to market this growing product category will flourish with the health and wellness consumer mindset.


To learn more about how custom unit graphics can work for your immune support and wellness food and beverage products, contact us today.