A commercial display freezer is a powerful piece of equipment that will keep things cold. But, the real question is what else can it offer? In order to answer this, we must understand that there are several different levels of ice cream display freezers. Basic models are freezers with a display panel, which is sufficient, but not ideal. More sophisticated models are far better in this area and they offer plenty of additional features.

The size

Obviously, the first and the most important factor to consider is the size of a freezer. There are various models out there and each one is a bit different. Some of them may keep so much ice cream that you cannot sell all of it during a single day. Others are more oriented towards smaller applications, for coffee houses where a few ice cream servings per day are sufficient.

The shape

The shape is usually similar, for all models. Basically, you have a flat freezer where you will place your ice cream and a glass cover which is used to keep the ice cream cool, but also to allow for potential customers to have a peek. Upright freezers are not so popular or useful. Only a few models with this design are available, but they are difficult to find and they are generally impractical.

Eco-friendly freezers are the best option

All of these freezers are optimized to operate for working hours and even through the night. When the temperature outside is higher than usual, a freezer will have to use more energy to keep the temperature low. On the other hand, when the temperature is lower, a freezer will use less energy. But, eco-friendly models are optimized to use a low amount of energy at all times. They are real money-savers and you definitely want one. Older units are not energy efficient models and they can cause a severe spike in your energy bill.

Storage Space

Some freezers have room for 4 different ice creams, while other have space for 16 different ice creams. It is up to you, but recommended models are capable of offering an upgrade in the terms of space inside. You can add a few more flavors and extend your offer. Those with a place for 16 ice creams are high-end models.


An ice cream dipping freezer must look nice at all times. In case it isn’t, your customers may get a bad impression about the ice cream. The models with big glass surfaces are the best choice, while those with smaller ones are less ideal. In any case, the first type is highly recommended. They are also great due to the fact they are more practical to use. Keep in mind that ice cream freezers designed for kitchen usages are fully closed and they won’t come with glass panels.


The best ice cream freezer display doesn’t have to be the biggest. It has to be the one which suits you the most.