Q: If I want an HBD without the sneeze guard what model should I order?
A: If you are using the HBD for ice cream or products that need to be held between -15F – +10F then you will want to get the HL model, If you are using it for products that require a temperature range from -5 F to +40 F then you will want to get the HB model. Keep in mind that if you still want the 3-gallon tub holders they are sold separately, 1 basket for each 2 hole. (For example: If you want an 8-facing unit, then you will want 4 baskets) Part number – BK00-00062

Q: How do I adjust the thermostat? Which way for colder and/or warmer?
A: To adjust the thermostat in either temperature, turn the dial clockwise to make the unit colder and counter clockwise to make the unit warmer.

Q: Why is there no knob on my freezers thermostat?
A: None of our freezers have a knob, the thermostats are recessed into the side of the cabinet, this prevents anyone accidentally adjusting the temperature of the freezer. You will need a flathead screwdriver to make adjustments.

Q: What is the switch on my freezer for?
A: The switch on the freezer is the light switch not a power switch. To turn the freezer off, simply unplug the freezer.

Q: Do we have an ETA on a back-ordered item?
A: Please contact your CSR for an ETA.