June 24, 2013 (Tampa, FL)—Excellence Industries, a leader in commercial refrigeration equipment, now offers yet another sustainable service for food and foodservice brands, refurbishing.

Fashioned after the Excellence Environmental Company (EECO) recycling program, the refurbishing program is an extremely cost-efficient and time-efficient process. Customers’ distributors simply fill out a refurbishing services request form and packing list. The assets are then shipped to one of two refurbishing centers in Reno, NV or Tampa, FL. (If necessary, Excellence can coordinate the pick-up/drop-off via their internal logistics network).

Upon arrival to the refurbishing center, each unit receives a barcode with a unique serial number and is scanned into Excellence’s internal database. Next, the unit is tested for functionality and evaluated for curb appeal. If a unit does not pass, photos and refrigeration testing documentation are submitted to the client for review. If the client agrees the unit is not salvageable, the unit is then sent to one of three EECO recycling facilities for EPA approved decommissioning.

Units that do pass the evaluation continue on to the wash station, a series of three-walled showers similar to that of an upscale gym locker room. After a thorough scrubbing, Excellence bodywork technicians address any blemishes and wrap the units in freshly branded decals.

Each step of the way, the unit is scanned to maintain the most up-to-date information on every asset in the internal database. Clients are able to customize their reports to analyze process efficiencies, track status and easily recall information on a specific unit via its unique serial number.

To learn more about the refurbishing program, contact Excellence Industries President Dell Dahl at dell@excellenceindustries.com.

About Excellence Industries

Headquartered in Tampa FL, Excellence Industries is a national leader in commercial refrigeration for the food and foodservice industries.  Excellence innovates, manufactures, distributes and services a network of refrigeration units for such brands as Nestle, Good Humor, Kraft, Outback Steakhouse and Marriott.  For over 50 years, Excellence has provided self-contained refrigeration units that drive client revenue and growth.  Its complete continuum of partnership also includes a proprietary recycling process that utilizes the most advanced green technology and exceeds EPA standards. For more information: www.excellenceindustries.com.