Marketing is an obvious essential regardless of the industry your company falls under. However, it may seem less ubiquitous in the industry of grocery marketing. Groceries seem to market themselves, right? I mean people need them. The truth is no, groceries still need proper marketing techniques. Though you might not necessarily start a social media account for an eggplant, there are foolproof strategies you can employ for marketing a grocery store, a deli, an ice cream shop or really another kind of food store you can think of.

One thing a lot of people regard when thinking of grocery marketing schemes is how to have your products or offers penetrate the market. Namely, how do you get customers familiar with what you do and sell? You’re not the only one who has pondered this conundrum.

Pretzel Crisps’ VP of Marketing Perry Abbenante has given a lot of thought to the idea of market penetration in regards to grocery industries and grocery products.

“When you have a relatively new product, getting placement or display outside your normal department is a key strategy. In our activation markets, we get our staff on the ground to get placement outside the deli where we are normally merchandised. This tactic helps to attract new people that have never seen your product,” he says.

Another tactic used by those in the business of grocery marketing is to market your product as more than a stand-alone snack or item. For example, if you are trying to market a cracker, market it as great with cheese, spread, salsa, veggies, whatever. One trick ponies do not sell out. For this reason, establish a customer base that will come and keep coming back to buy the product you are selling for various reasons. Grocery stores rely upon repeat customers. Consumer form habits, pick favorite grocery stores- you want to make sure you are on the right side of that habit.

Another good grocery marketing tip is to adopt promotional price points. Meaning, pick prices that are attractive. 3 for 10 sounds a lot better than 3.33 each. You want to make the customer feel like they are getting a deal, instilling in them a sense of autonomy that will directly translate into purchasing power. Similarly, you must support the promotions that customers have shown they favor, either in their direct sentiments or in their buying habits. If they are passionate about a promotion, or just a product in general, you should be passionate about the promotion. Fight for the promotion if you want to fight for the customer.

Grocery marketing is important to Excellence Industries because it’s important to our customers. We want to give you the very best shot at employing successful marketing techniques and at selling the largest amount of product in general. With our renowned refrigeration and freezing devices, we will ensure that your products are appropriately and beautifully displayed. With our displays and a knowledge of grocery marketing, you can’t go wrong.