Dealmakers and Deal Breakers: What is your top priority when purchasing foodservice equipment?

As the new Marketing Coordinator at Excellence Industries, I’m constantly asking questions of my colleagues to better understand our business. With the President and CEO jet setting around the world to visit our factories, warehouses and clients, the sales team is often subjected to my endless stream of queries.

Throughout this past week, we’ve been running the final tests on a new unit called the Triplestack and discussing the target market for this cooler. As Marketing Coordinator, I’m responsible for creating a sales sheet for each unit. These sales sheets currently include dimensions, technical info, photos, diagrams, approvals, etc.

In order to design the most effective, user-friendly sales sheet, I asked our Sales Manager the hierarchy of these details to a potential customer. Based on his experience, dimensions seemed to be the top priority. However, our lead ice cream and dairy sales team member believes price to be the most important factor. To add to the confusion, our top foodservice sales team member thinks energy consumption is the greatest factor.

The team unanimously agrees the answer will inevitably depend on the customer and their intentions for the product. However, I’m still curious to know what the majority considers the dealmakers and deal breakers when it comes to commercial refrigeration products. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this so please feel free to share your thoughts. I’d really appreciate any feedback you can provide, thanks!