They say that if you want to please people, do not be a leader, sell ice cream instead. Who does not love ice cream? It is a delicious dessert that you can not only enjoy consuming but also make money from selling it.

If you have a way with people, open an ice cream parlor and get an ice cream cooler to start your own business.

Commercial display freezers are numerous, therefore, the need to follow certain criteria for you to get the right one is paramount. Not any model is a proper fit, therefore, do not pick the first one you come across.

Take into account the following factors to help you make the right decision.

The volume and space

As much as you may want and/or need a large ice cream fridge, you should think about the space that you have in your parlor. Even if you plan to sell this product alone, you don’t have to go for a large freezer for ice cream if you don’t have enough space for it. In the future, you may need to bring other food service equipment into your store, therefore, get a small ice cream freezer that does not occupy too much space.

As you think about the space, consider choosing between the countertop and floor model. If you have a lot of floor space, you can go for the floor model. This can help you manage a lot of clients due to its ability to produce ice cream in large volumes.  A countertop display freezer is convenient for a limited space. By placing it above the floor, the freezer display shows your selection to your customers for them to pick their desired flavors.

Cooling system

Do you want to produce your own ice cream instead of outsourcing it? This can help you grow your business fast as you make profits. You should ensure that your tabletop ice cream freezer has a good cooling system.

Though such a freezer may take up a lot of space it can increase efficiency. This is also suitable if your business is located in a warm area that has a high demand for ice cream. Ensure that your freezer comes with an attached water source to facilitate faster cooling.


Compare different types of ice cream freezers from Excellence Industries for you to choose the best according to your needs. Excellence Industries offers many types such as the ice cream dipping cabinet, the display chest freezer, and the glass top freezer. These types come with their differences when it comes to their capacity, functionality, and their size. Research on their differences before making your order so that you get the right fit.

Flavor variety

The reason why most people love ice cream is the variety of flavors available. This should be at the back of your mind as you get a freezer for commercial purposes. Pleasing your customers and achieving their loyalty should be your priority.

Some of the machines can only make one flavor while others do offer you the chance to sell many varied flavors. Get a freezer that lets you store and display different flavors from Excellence Industries.