At Excellence Industries, growing your business is our business. With over 50 years of experience, we have exceeded annual sales of over 1 million units a year; with partners like Kraft, Outback Steakhouse, Unilever, and Nestle, we have the partnership of major companies to back our name.

Innovation doesn’t just touch the original product design: our custom equipment was made for the food industry to help bolster sales and back businesses. In-store marketing is one of the most effective sales strategies that a business can utilize and having the right equipment to back these sales is paramount. Over 76% of grocery store purchase decisions are made at the shelf, so it is your job as a business owner to capitalize on these statistics.

ice cream cone with two scoops of different flavored ice cream

FT: Ice Cream Storage Freezer

With a small footprint and an economical design, this cooler is ideal for holding four 3-gallon tubs of ice cream. If you’re looking for a bigger storage solution, consider the next item on our list.

  • Casters – 2 locking
  • Heavy-duty metal hinges for flip-flop lids
  • Stainless steel exterior and interior


HFF: Heavy Duty Freezer

Storage won’t be a problem with this model. Enough said.

  • Bottom drain for easy defrost
  • Pre-painted white galvanized steel interior
  • Exterior and interior shelves made of heavy-gage high-grade steel
  • Stainless steel top and flip-flop lids


EMMHC: Countertop Cooler

This is another option for split-second purchases. Having a beverage cooler next to checkout at a convenience store or small business can only up your sales. Think about this: a 24-pack of Redbull may cost you, as a business owner, around 30$. Selling them at 3$ a pop results in quite the profit margin. This is an easy and attractive option to help bolster sales and quench your customers’ thirst.

  • Reversible door
  • Recessed handle
  • Interior product light
  • Fully insulated glass door with black or stainless steel trim


PGC: Gelato Dipping Cabinet

Having an attractive display for your ice cream or gelato should be on the top of your priority list; it doesn’t matter how good the ice cream looks: if your cooler is beat up and out of shape, it may turn customers away. Consider this economical and brilliantly designed cooler for your next addition to your thriving business.

  • Self-defrosting
  • Tempered curved glass
  • Internal lighting
  • Rear pivoting door
  • Electronic control board
  • Modern design ideal for impulse sales
  • Refrigerated storage compartment
  • 60 mm thick polyurethane insulation


RF: Barrel Freezer and Ice Cream Freezer

This model is popular for convenience stores, bars, and event-based gigs. You can store anything from frozen drinks to ice cream in this convenient and portable model. If you are looking for portability, consider this as your next purchase.

  • Divider: 4 sections
  • Cylinder shaped – looks great anywhere
  • Flip top accessible from any side
  • Big impression in a small footprint
  • Casters standard
  • Optional graphics


HL: Low temp display freezer and ice cream freezer

This model is especially popular among convenience stores; these models are used to store anything from ice cream to beverages. By placing this next to the checkout, customers often make split-second decisions: resulting in more cash flow for your business!

  • Cold wall evaporator
  • Casters with 2 locking
  • LED interior lighting
  • Painted steel interior
  • Wide range thermostat
  • Single layer heat reflective lids

Bolster Your Sales with Excellence Industries

As you can see, we have a cooling solution for every possible conundrum your business may face! And remember: the items on this list are only the ones that are on our best sellers list! To learn more about all of our products, give us a call today at 813.870.0340, or visit our product list to take a look at all of our high-quality products!