Commercial refrigeration units are an invaluable source of revenue for a wide variety of businesses; storefronts like hotel gift shops, convenience stores, restaurants, gas stations, movie theaters, supermarkets, and retail stores all rely on refrigerators to supply their customers with cool beverages and food items. Not only are commercial refrigerators a great resource for thirsty customers, fridges can help boost a businesses’ revenue through additional purchases and last-minute impulse buys. If your refrigerator breaks down, it can result in a loss of revenue, melted frozen goods, and spoiled perishable foods. The potential to lose track of inventory and revenue is a real possibility, which is why it is important to take preventative care of your commercial refrigeration unit.

Commercial Refrigerator Preventative Care

We have a couple tips for our customers looking to get the most out of our fridges and freezers:

  1. Report any irregularities as soon as possible

Keeping your unit in tip-top condition doesn’t have to be a struggle; report anything to the Excellence Industries team at the first sign of a possible malfunction or defect. This could include puddles on the outside or inside of your cooler, a change in the fluctuation of temperature, and other irregularities. These problems could indicate a leak in the drainage line, a breakdown of a main component, or a faulty door seal. Whatever the problem is, our experts will be able to diagnose and fix the molehill before it becomes a mountain.

  1. Refrigerator Placement

If the unit you have has a vent or fan, make sure that these components are not backed against a wall or obstructed. If your unit cannot cool down the inner workings of the machine properly, it can lead to a malfunction of certain key parts, like the refrigerator compressor.

  1. Don’t overload the Refrigerator

There is a certain amount of space in each fridge that a company sells. Overloading a fridge or freezer is not recommended, as each unit is designed to cool a certain amount of volume. Make sure to read maintenance manuals and care instructions.

  1. Regular Maintenance

For regular maintenance, do not hesitate to contact an Excellence Industries professional to perform routine maintenance on your unit. This includes checking the coolant, cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils, and repairing any signs of a possible leak. Use your unit as intended, perform preventative checks as often as possible, and have regular maintenance scheduled. Save money in the long run by being proactive.

Excellence Industries: Our Repair Processcommercial refrigeration

The sale of one of our units is simply the beginning of a relationship. When you partner with Excellence, we will build you a custom commercial refrigeration service program that will meet your needs; rest assured, our refrigerators and freezers will help you generate more business and secure more customers.

We employ a network of field technicians that have years of experience in the refrigeration industry. Every partner of Excellence Industries receives a dedicated representative. You’ll receive personalized support for your individual account from the beginning to the end of your unit’s life or lease. Whenever and wherever you need them, our technicians are dedicated towards the preventative care, maintenance, and repair of your commercial refrigeration solution.

Commercial Refrigerators for Sale

At Excellence Industries, we carry a host of products to support your individual commercial refrigeration needs. We carry storage freezers, ice merchandisers, all types of ice cream and gelato dipping cabinets, barrel freezers and display freezers, and attractive display and counter top coolers.