5 Reasons to Get An Ice Cream Display Freezer For Your Store

An ice cream display freezer is used for storing and displaying bulk quantities of ice creams, juices, custards, frozen desserts, yogurt and much more. Their transparent glass doors can be used to unveil the most exclusive and popular ice cream packages of your shops and parlors. They usually come in vertical storage and horizontal storage designs and are available in different capacities as per the requirements of the user.

When should you use an ice cream display freezer?

You can use ice cream display freezers to store all the ice cream packets and containers of your ice cream parlors, malls, restaurants, etc. These freezers not only accommodate these packets and containers conveniently but also amplify the sales in the seasons like spring, summer, etc. when there is a huge demand for ice creams and desserts like frozen yogurt.

Types and Specification of Ice cream display freezers:

The ice cream displays provided by Excellent Industries are available in top flat display and top curved display models.

Excellence ISL-5D top lid display freezer includes stylish glass doors that enhance the look of the displayed products. These doors come with easy-to-use sliders which provide ease of access to both the user and the customers.

Key specifications:
· Overall capacity – 6 cu. Ft
· Dimensions – (24 5/8 * 24 5/8 * 36 3/8) inches

Excellence MB-2HCD freezer carries the functionality of both a freezer and a refrigerator which can be used alternatively as required. It is integrated with 2 storage baskets which come with two separators each.
Key Specifications:
· Overall capacity – 4.8 cu. Ft
· Dimensions – (23 * 27 3/8 * 33 1/2) inches

Some of the display freezers have translucent or solid doors. Such freezers are preferred as storage devices rather than display freezers.

The internal storage capacity is carefully divided into compartments of different sizes which allow you to place the ice cream containers as per their size and type.

The Kiosk Business Model:

Kiosk business model can easily be implemented in small shops and small-sized malls. Good profits can be earned by selling a range of goods and products which are in great demand (Ice creams of course).

Ice cream display freezers can be used in confined spaces to display the most trending ice cream cones, cups, etc.

The glass doors of these display freezers not only increase the visibility of the products but their attractive appearance enhances the product which reflects in sales and revenue.

Why are Excellence ice cream display freezers considered the best?

The five qualities that make ice cream display freezers from Excellence Industries the best:

Attractive design: The display freezers from Excellence Industries follow the latest innovations in design: Making them both visually aesthetic and impressive. This helps in captivating and enticing the customers.

Easy-to-use: These display freezers can be operated seamlessly as they are built to be easy to use and maintain. They come with drain systems which allow you to clean and defrost conveniently.

Large capacity: The ice cream freezers of Excellence industries come with sufficient storage capacity to hold and display numerous large ice cream containers.

Portable: These are compact and lightweight ice cream freezers that can be easily shifted from one place to another. They are integrated with casters which further enhance their portability.

Affordable: All these ice cream freezers are available at cost-effective prices and the large range allows the shop and mall owners to choose the right one for their needs.
Want to give your ice cream business a brand new look? Then get an ice cream display freezer from Excellence Industries and experience the difference!