With only 25% of today’s American consumers brand loyal, underdog brands can easily get a competitive edge by offering instant savings. According to a recent survey by Forrester, 75% of consumers access smartphones in-store, presenting the perfect opportunity to seal the deal with digital discounts.

“A QR code coupon, in tandem with a killer point-of-purchase display, is an in-store marketing force to be reckoned with,” states Stephanie Barnes, Marketing Coordinator at Excellence Industries.

Excellence Industries specializes in the manufacturing and design, logistics, service, leasing and recycling of commercial refrigeration products. Their team also creates custom graphics and wraps for their customers ranging from Red Bull, Nestle and Unilever to Pepsi, Blue Bunny and Blue Bell.

“We see our products as more than just refrigeration solutions but marketing tools as well,” says Barnes.

Excellence envisions merchandisers with a QR code coupon in the custom graphic, on the door or lid. The QR codes are easily switched out—simply place a new QR code coupon sticker over the old one—to promote new products or offers. Furthermore, these digital discounts would be an inexpensive alternative to old school printed coupons and more convenient for customers.

To learn more about Excellence Industries, visit www.excellenceindustries.com. If you’d like to discuss developing a QR code program for your commercial refrigerators or freezers, please contact Stephanie Barnes, Marketing Coordinator at stephanie@excellenceindustries.com.

About Excellence Industries

Headquartered in Tampa FL, Excellence Industries is a national leader in commercial refrigeration for the food and foodservice industries.  Excellence innovates, manufactures, distributes and services a network of refrigeration units for such brands as Nestle, Good Humor, Kraft, Outback Steakhouse and Marriott.  For over 50 years, Excellence has provided self-contained refrigeration units that drive client revenue and growth.  Its complete continuum of partnership also includes a proprietary recycling process that utilizes the most advanced green technology and exceeds EPA standards. For more information: www.excellenceindustries.com.