We offer a plethora of commercial freezer options at Excellence Industries, food, ice cream and dairy refrigeration is our bread and butter. With that said, there are some divides in terms of what  is offered. There are five primary types of freezer available and they are characterized by how they are displayed. The four main kinds include: countertop, horizontal, storage and vertical. In this informative blog post, Excellence Industries describes the types of freezers in details.


Excellence Industries offers many countertop cooler displays. These include: the SC-22: Compact Countertop Display Cooler with Lighted Sign which comes fully equipped with a lighted display, the SC: Countertop Display Cooler with Lighted Sign which has a different aesthetic than the SC-22, including black trim, the EMM: Countertop Glass Door Cooler that comes in black or stainless steel, the CTM-7: Heavy Duty Large Countertop Cooler which is made of heavy-duty whitecoated steel, the CTF-MS: Countertop Glass Door Freezer with Merchandising Sign which comes fully insulated and the CTF: Countertop Glass Door Freezer, that comes with an interior LED light display. As you can see, if you are needing a countertop refrigerator or freezer for commercial reasons, look no further than Excellence Industries, as we have a large supply of freezers that will meet all your needs and whims.


For more traditional ice cream and dairy purposes, you may be seeking a horizontal freezer or refrigeration display. In that case, Excellence Industries also has what you are looking for, with a wide display of horizontal commercial freezers. These include: the MCT-5HC: Display Freezer with Merchandising Countertop, the HB-LD: Dual Temp Display Cabinet, the HBG: Gelato Scooping Cabinet, the HBD: Dipping Cabinet, the VB: Curved Lid Display Freezer, the UCG: Ultra Cold Display Freezer, the SPOT: Dual Temperature Merchandiser, the SAO PAULO H: Sliding Flat Glass Lid Freezer, the RIO S: Ice Cream Freezer, the RF: Barrel Freezer, the PGC: Gelato Dipping Cabinet, the MB: Dual Temperature Mini Bunker, the HB-23L: Jumbo Freezer with LED Lighting, the EURO: Flat Glass Lid Freezer and the EDC: Ice Cream Dipping Cabinet.


Storage freezers are usually those that would store extra stock somewhere in the back or in more of a warehouse setting; they are rarely up front, as in the case of display freezers. Excellence Industries offers an abundance of storage freezers, which can be characterized as utilitarian and practical (the same emphasis is not placed on aesthetic as with the display freezers). Our storage offerings include: the SLF: Slim Line Freezer, the MCS: Milk Cooler which has a cold wall evaporator, the UCS: Ultra-Cold Storage Freezer, the ISL: Multifunction Storage Freezer, the HFF: Heavy Duty Storage Freezer, the HBC: Back Bar Bottle Cooler and the FT-4: Stainless Steel Small Footprint Freezer.


Our upright coolers are perfect for displaying the foods/ice creams/dairy products your company is most proud of, right in front of the store. We have a plethora of commercial freezers/refrigerators, including: the AC-6L: Air Curtain Display Cooler, the FSG: Four-Sided Glass Countertop Cooler, the VR: Value Heavy Duty Glass Door Cooler, the GDR-13: Upright Glass Door Cooler, the GDR: Value Upright Glass Door Cooler and the GDF: Upright Glass Door Compact Freezer.